‘The best toddler activity around by MILES!’

Trails and Tales

Trails and Tales

Stories, imaginative activities and outdoor adventures for toddlers and pre-school children.

Each week we choose a different story as the starting point for our play and build our activities around the themes, characters and plot. We always go on an outdoor adventure around the gardens and parkland at Gatton and we make things linked to the story to take home.

  • Outdoor learning
  • Fresh air and exercise
  • Discovering nature
  • Space and freedom
  • Wild adventure
  • Craft activities
  • Developing imagination and creativity
  • Exploring different materials and skills
  • Learning together

Example session – The Gruffalo

Discover the pages of the story

Make a mouse finger puppet and take him for a walkthrough the ‘deep, dark wood’ to discover the animals in the story

Enjoy an outdoor run-around game looking for the parts of the Gruffalo that have been hidden and stick them together to make a picture

Use your imagination to find natural objects that look like turned out toes, purple prickles and other ingredients that can be added to our ‘Gruffalo crumble’. Add soil and water and bake!

Make a Gruffalo puppet to take home

Enjoy some of our crumble which has been baked into chocolate cake!